Skutočne zdravá škola is currently implementing the following projects: 

Project name: SchoolFood4Change

Project financially supported by: Program Horizont 2020

Start and end date: 1.1.2022 – 31.12.2025

Project aim: The main objective of the project is to transform school meals into a new paradigm, promoting public health and territorial resilience. The project will seek to make a meaningful contribution to innovative systemic changes in the food system across the EU by introducing a sustainable and healthy whole-school approach in a pan-European multiplier initiative involving 1,000 schools ranging from nursery, primary, secondary and higher education.

School Food 4 Change official webpage.

Project name: Capacity building for education for sustainability through the development of a culture of healthy and sustainable eating in schools

Project financially supported by: Erasmus+

Start and end date: 1.3.2022 – 28.2.2024

Project aim: The main goal of the partnership is to develop a transnational network of Really Healthy Schools programmes in the Czech and Slovak Republic by improving the quality of work and practices and building the capacity of both partners.


Project name: Foodcomp - Boosting awareness to reduce food waste via developing educators’ competences

Project financially supported by: Erasmus+

Start and end date: 1.5.2022-30.4.2024

Project aim: The main goal of the partnership is to develop the competence of lecturers or educators by raising awareness on food waste reduction also through the use of an e-learning platform and a useful application.


Project name: School Food Climate Challenge: creating educational digital tools for educators to inspire students to become true change makers in our transition to a sustainable food system in Europe

Project financially supported by: Erasmus+

Start and end date: 1.9.2022 – 31.8.2024

Project aim: To provide teachers with educational resources to inspire young people to have a positive vision of the future and to spark their interest in innovative solutions that will help us to make food systems in the EU fair, healthy and environmentally friendly. The project will inspire young people to become the change they want to see and will enable the results of the project to be integrated into the day-to-day work of the project partners.

Analysis of the school canteen

Project aim: The goal of the project is to help 40 schools meet the criteria of the CSE program and fulfill the recommendations of the 2021 revision of the MSN and school meal formulas by comparing the current state of cafeteria food preparation with the criteria of the Really Healthy Schools program and the recommendations of the 2021 revision in the areas of food quality and place of origin (within the CSE criteria) and recommending to the cafeterias how they could meet the criteria over time. We are also creating educational materials for school canteen staff.     


Really Healthy Schools in Slovak Schools in 2022

Project aim: The project aims to help a total of approximately 90 schools to meet the criteria of the CSR programme in order to guide and motivate its main actors - teachers, canteen staff, children and pupils, and parents - to promote sustainability within the food system, including through the development of a unique methodology for teachers of kindergartens and primary schools in order to facilitate the integration of the topic of food cross-curricularly in the curricula.     


Webinars for the public, Demonstration Really Healthy School, cooperation with the project Fresh Heads


Our past projects: 

year 2021

Project name: Making food waste not waste

Orange Foundation Employee Grant Programme

The Healthy Schools programme comprehensively develops a culture of eating in all ecological, economic, social and health contexts in Slovak schools. Through the implementation of the project To make food waste not waste, the project team will support the development of an ecological mindset in primary school children. The prepared methodological materials for teachers and pupils and a communication campaign for schools and the public will help to raise awareness of the need to value food and not to waste food so that food waste is not waste. The funds will be used for graphic design and the remuneration of an expert trainer.

Project name: Really Healthy Schools in Slovak School

Thanks to the activities carried out in the Healthy School project, it helps to develop a culture of healthy eating and teaches pupils about where food comes from, how it is produced, how it affects our bodies, but also how it affects the world in which we live. At the same time, it helps to bring quality, fresh and seasonal produce from local producers and growers into Slovak schools and thus raise the level of school meals. It is currently conducting a survey that will highlight children's attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle, as well as creating new methodological materials for teachers and school canteens. At the same time, it is creating a network of regional coordinators so that the Really Healthy School programme can reach all corners of Slovakia. The aim of these activities is to make the public aware of the need for comprehensive education on the topic of food, as well as to contribute to improving children's eating habits and the quality of food in school canteens and the creation of new experiential forms of learning in the form of a variety of methodological materials.


year 2020

Project name: Healthy at school, good at school

Grant programme for the development of sport and education in the capital of the Slovak Republic in Bratislava: sport and education - Sub-programme 1 to support movement. Activities and non-formal education. 2020, Round 2

The aim of our project is to raise awareness among pupils and young people not only in Bratislava primary and secondary schools, but also among their parents and teachers, about the importance of actively building a healthy lifestyle as a basic condition for prevention against the increasing number of civilisation diseases and eating disorders. We believe that at a time when our health and the health of our children is no longer a given, it is time to talk to young people in more depth about why and how to 'be fit' both physically and mentally. In a unique survey involving as many primary and secondary schools in Bratislava as possible, we want to find out what information, experiences and attitudes young people have on this topic. The processed data, which have not been collected to this extent so far, will be the starting point for the compilation of a "youth healthy lifestyle guide", which we will publish at the end of the project in cooperation with experts in order to disseminate and facilitate the application of the obtained knowledge in practice. The funding from the grant of the City of BA, together with the volunteer involvement of the members of our OZ, was enough to cover the initial phase of the project (preparation and modification of the basic methodology of the survey, development of the content of the questionnaire, creation of the assignment for the research team, recruitment and assembly of the research team, coordination of the research team + consultation of the preparation of the methodology and content of the questionnaire, recruitment and networking of the disseminators of the survey), which we have successfully completed.