Really healthy school

Who are we?

  • enthusiasts, promoters and experts in healthy, clean quality food and nutrition and informal education in food culture

  • an internationally award-winning programme with proven results in schools in the UK and the Czech Republic

  • a civic association established in 2020 on the basis of the Really Healthy School programme in the Czech Republic

  • a comprehensive healthy school meals programme

What are we doing?

  • helping to create a culture of healthy eating in schools, helping kindergarteners and schoolchildren build a healthy relationship with food and learning about where food comes from, how it is made and what influences it

  • we involve the wider school community in the programme (parents and grandparents, local authorities, farmers...)

  • supporting local producers

  • educating teaching staff

  • co-creating a sustainable future with you

  • bringing systemic changes at legislative level in cooperation with the Ministry of Education

In a nutshell

We operate in all regions of the Slovak Republic, involving 80+ school.

Our goal

  • healthy children

  • involving as many schools as possible

  • food literate and environmentally conscious people

  • active local communities

  • sustainable economy

  • a healthy environment

How do we reach the goal?

  • educating teachers, school canteen staff, pupils, parents

  • participation in various international projects and cooperation with other associations/organisations

  • providing a map of local suppliers of healthy food and educational farms

  • providing methodological materials for participating schools

  • access to expert webinars

  • supporting our regional coordinators

Would you like to cooperate?


Eva Blaho